Forty Five Degrees

Sarah Beetson works on the Amanda Palmer bushfire EP in support of the Firesticks Alliance Charity in Australia.

Just released, this EP is created by the singer Amanda Palmer and features fellow musicians Missy Higgins, Fred Leone, Clare Bowditch, Montaigne, Brian Viglione and Jherek Bischoff. With 8 tracks on the EP, including covers of "Beds Are Burning" and "Truganini" by Midnight Oil, "Black Smoke" by Emily Wurramara and The Drover's Boy by Ted Egan, as well as a new original song by Amanda, the record comes with lively art by the colourful Sarah Beetson which is also used on a poster advertising the charity concert in Melbourne. Sarah says, "All artists and musicians who took part gave their time for free and all profits go to the Firesticks Alliance Charity -  an Indigenous led network re-invigorating and teaching cultural burning and land management." Take a look at these links to purchase the EP and the poster or to download the Missy Higgins single.

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