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Victoria Skovran makes several infographic illustrations for an article on

The article is entitled 'What To Do When You Remember Your Parents Are Coming Over in 30 Minutes' and appears on Hellogiggles in collaboration with Swiffer. Victoria's part was to create an illustration-led infographic which depicts a countdown timeline - 30, 15, 10 and 5 minutes until your parents arrive, showing what to do at each time interval to prepare for their arrival.  Victoria explains, "The custom illustrations depict each scene at each time interval. 30 minutes out: Illustration of someone ‘swiffering’ with the Sweeper kit, showing both the wet and dry capabilities! 15 minutes out: Illustration of doing dishes. 10 minutes out: Illustration of making bed and folding laundry. 5 minutes out: Illustration of neatly putting away Swiffer/cleaning supplies." Job done!

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victoria skovran
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