Editorial illustration of What’s causing your headache for WIA Long List Awards

On the Longlist!

Gail Armstrong is one of the talented illustrators to be longlisted in the World Illustration Awards!

Gail's 'Migraine' Illustration which was entered in the Editorial category was originally completed for Lifespan Magazine and for an article entitled “What’s causing your headache?”. Gail explains, "As a migraine sufferer, I wanted to create an image other migraineurs would identify with. More than just a headache, the sense of person fades as the pain takes over. The white figure fading into the page winces and holds their head in pain, delicate in contrast to the clashing colours of a brain in migraine with its throbbing epicentre, every external sound and light, another bolt of pain." Now in the last 500, we look forward to hearing how Gail's piece progresses in these illustrious awards.

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