Colourful illustration of Bikini by Gina Rosas


Gina Rosas celebrates the bikini with this bold and colourful illustration

We love Gina's contribution for the upcoming online exhibition "What Happened Till Now" organized by "Alliance Francaise de Bologna".

The illustration was inspired by the bikini and its history: In the early 20th century women were finally allowed to enjoy public beaches by always wearing many layers of clothing. In the following years women were judged and suppressed for the way they dressed. Right after World War II, in 1946 swimwear took a turn with French designer Jacques Heim and later with Louis Réard, who designed a smaller suit that caused controversy: The Bikini...a name that was inspired by the nuclear war and the name of the island "Bikini Atoll", where the U.S. began testing atomic bombs.

To see more of Gina's charming illustrations, visit her portfolio HERE

gina rosas
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