Katharine Asher was overjoyed to be back in the 'live drawing' seat with fashion brand Mishy May once more...

Having worked with the company before it was a delight for Katharine to once again have the opportunity to draw live (over Zoom) her spectacular designs.
Katharine tells us a bit more about working with this couture brand: 
I worked with Mishy May on my very first 'live drawing' booking back in 2016.
My job was to record the world behind the scenes of the photo shoot for her collection -The Tempest
Finding myself behind the scenes amid the theatre of glamour, ruffles and diamente was thrilling and overwhelming I remember - and I loved it.
Mishy Mays Couture style mixes romantic beauty with dramatic experimental design, a world of the delicate, mixed with the bold resulting in a unique high fashion collection. We had fun that day Mishy May, the models and the backstage support team of hairdressers, dressers and hair dressers and I.
Four years later and now one of the @Drawing Cabaret Couture artists- with the weekly speed drawing sessions of high fashion couture, I find myself drawing Mishy May couture again - revisiting her wonderful world with a fresh and more experienced eye.
The scale of her fantasy clothing is insanely wonderful and we all bathed in her fantasy world for a wonderful 2 hours - challenged by 3- 5 and 10 minute dynamic poses.
No time to breathe as the papers pile high on the floor as Janet Mayer moves from one pose directly into another.
These sessions have been a lifeline during lockdown and help to keep the 'eye to hand' silent conversation fluid.
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katharine asher live event drawing
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