An Award for Marieke!

Marieke Nelissen is honoured to learn of an award for the illustrated children's book Beestachtige Buren.

The recognition comes from the Dutch publishing world - The Collective Propaganda Foundation of the Dutch Book (CPNB) who award prizes every year for the most beautiful children's books. The illustrations completed by Marieke were awarded a ‘Vlag en Wimpel’ in the category of non-fiction meaning an honourable mention by the jury:- 

What makes the book really special are the precise drawings by Marieke Nelissen. They bring the animals closer by using color and detailing. Nelissen has not so much portrayed the animals in their natural habitat, but has them move in unemphasized background patterns. An almost holistic approach. Her idiosyncratic representations of nature provide a cohesion in which details are given a special meaning. At a time when everyone takes pictures without looking, a book that challenges you to look is extra important. The illustrator goes totally loose on the cover. The bright orange fox's hypnotic eyes pop off the paper.

The book has also been translated into German and will be available in Germany from October. Well done Marieke for such a deserved award!

animals and nature
marieke nelissen
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