London Parakeets

Season of Victory creates colourful psychedelic illustrations, inspired by her favourite London birds – Green Ringneck Parakeets

If you reside in London then over the years you may have noticed the bright plumes of the parakeets in the skies amongst the tree tops, a welcome colourful addition to the urban landscape.

The rumour is that Jimi Hendrix released a pair in London’s Carnaby Street in the 60s and the 30,000+ birds are the offspring. Researchers believe their spread is down to something more mundane – pets being released!

If you visit Hyde Park, walk south towards the Peter Pan statue. When you come to the fork with the large tree, hold your hand up in the air with nuts or an apple – a flurry of parakeets will land on you!

Prints available soon for Season Of Victory's site.

season of victory
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