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The Book

Lev Kaplan works on a highly exciting book - The Ultimate Guide To Rebuilding A Civilization.

Great inventions of past generations are captured in this epic book which is filled with beautiful illustrations by Lev. The Book takes you back in time but with the knowledge of today and asks, 'If you told people from the Middle Ages or Ancient Egypt about a telephone, a car, or electricity, they would take you for a deity or a superhero. But do you actually know how these things work?' A wonderful ‌‌gift‌‌ for ‌‌collectors,‌‌ enthusiasts ‌‌and ‌‌curious‌‌ minds, Lev explains further - 

"When I started working on this highly unusual and exciting project, I thought long and hard about the style and layout of the book. After many sketches and discussions with the authors of the project we came to the conclusion that the style should be a combination of the texture of an old manuscript, 19th century graphics and a modern book layout. This is an interesting challenge, as I was able to combine my experience of a quarter century as a graphic designer with the even longer and more extensive experience as an illustrator. The technical phase of the work was divided into 6 stages: Idea sketches, material and references research, cleanup drawing, acrylic inking in the style of 19th century engraving, watercolor rendering and compiling with the texture of an antique paper in Photoshop. However, the creative part was unexpectedly complex and multifaceted. In talks and discussions with the authors of the project it was decided to find the narrow ridge, that separates reality from fiction, seriousness from wit, science from the search for the philosopher's stone, in order to balance on it.  We have dropped many versions and those we have focused on will be developed further as we work on the book."

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