Stoopid Hoomans

Creating characters for a sci-fi fantasy game, Maurice Baltissen presents Stoopid Hoomans!

Described as a sci-fi and fantasy universe for the masses, Stopid Hoomans is an animation that follows the story of hoomans returning to their planet after being driven up into the stars for millions of years. The animals, who once shared the planet with the hoomans, have been left alone to evolve and now offer a bigger threat to the returning species. Maurice adds, "While hits like Black Panther & Wonder Woman have done a lot to bring these genres to a wider audience, there's still a lot of work to be done to bring them all the way to the mainstream. The mission is to make Stoopid Hoomans a talking point before bed with your 12-year-old children, first dates, awkward taxi rides with your boss and dinner time with your moody in-laws. With stories that combine comedy, adventure and drama, with characters more diverse than the cast of Glee – there's something for everyone." WATCH the video here.

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maurice baltissen
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