Leadenhall Market

Liam O'Farrell paints the iconic Leadenhall Market for a private client to celebrate a wedding anniversary.

Liam was asked to capture the life that surrounds Leadenhall Market, and being no stranger to the well-known area for its history and architecture, Liam was delighted to take on the commission.  The client asked for an interior scene of the market which also showed the exterior of The Lamb Tavern, and to include himself with his husband and their families and friends. Liam says, "This was bittersweet commission really, sweet, because I love Leadenhall Market, it’s a splendid location, a real challenge for an artist. And bitter too because this commission came in right in the middle of the Covid Lockdown. I found I missed the pre-Covid days – people dressed in their finest, laughing and drinking, all wrapped up in each other without a care in the world....Obviously, I could not go on site as I would normally, so I had to work exclusively from photographs sent by the client and good old Google. How did artists get by in the days before Google I wonder? Thankfully, there are plenty of images of the market and I had a good idea in my head of the overall shape of the space. Once I was happy with it, I could begin drawing the characters." The client was delighted with the result, read more on the project here.


figure and people
fine art
liam o'farrell
private commission
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