Neiman Marcus Live!

Briana Kranz wows us with her live drawing for Neiman Marcus.

With a quick and spontaneous way of working, Briana Kranz has drawn some gorgeous fashion figures and accessories for department store Neiman Marcus. Taking around 5-7 minutes per drawing, her tools include watercolour, ink and oil pastels, enabling her to create textural marks and fluid lines, all whilst catching the perfect pose with vibrant colour.

This same feel can also be created on the iPad and e-mailed for different COVID restrictions, sometimes Briana's works are given as gifts or she can draw the sitter on an appointment basis, creating a more intimate experience between the customer and illustrator. Subjects range from portraits, full figures to fashion accessories, but the artist is open to new ideas and concepts as well. She often travels for various brands and smaller gatherings.

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briana kranz live event drawing
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