My Warrior Woman

To celebrate the launch of Warframes' 2021 Prime Gaming Verv Collection, Digital Extremes partner with Jessica Durrant to create My Warrior Woman.

In celebration of the Prime Gaming Verv Collection and to invigorate future Fashion Frames, Warframe and Digital Extremes collaborated  with Jessica to showcase the upcoming Verv Atelia Syandana — the next exclusive Reward in the Verv Collection.

Jessica designed a beautifully illustrated replica of the upcoming Syandana and an inspired fashion piece called ‘My Warrior Woman’. She says, "My warrior woman is inspired by who I aspire to be. It's been a tough year and a half for us all worldwide. And we have survived a lot, and still are here. I wanted to give her a look like she just came form the battlefield with a very strong and Avantgarde look. She's definitely a leader. I got inspired by Iris Van Herpen's dark, sci-fi fashion for this design. I took the back piece (or Syandana) from Warframe and made it a front piece, with an organic, jewelry-like application. And she feels fierce, strong and ready to take on the world."

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