Ovid's Tattoos

Kathryn Rathke designs tattoos inspired by Ovid’s Metamorphoses.

Kathryn has been part of a Zoom book club which includes members from all over the US, and their current publication is 'Ovid’s Metamorphoses'; taking a mammoth four months to read! She explains, "It’s a huge commitment, and over the course of the book the 100 members have become quite devoted to each other and this singular endeavor."

The book is about the Greek Gods and characters who are constantly getting changed into things, with many transforming into trees. Kathryn continues, "We joke that we’ve become a bit of a cult, and someone suggested we should have tattoos. Then someone else suggested that we were 'Branch Ovidians'; (based on the 'Branch Davidian' Texas cult from 20-30 years ago!). Anyway, I felt compelled to create temporary tattoos for us. They are currently in manufacture and for our last meeting at the end of August, I am looking forward to seeing all of the Club members on Zoom, sporting their tattoos."

black and white
kathryn rathke
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