The Pig's Head

Liam O'Farrell paints the frontage of a refurbished pub in Clapham, South London.

With new owners and a new name, the Pig's Head is a high-end gastropub occupating a fine two-story building of traditional London brick.

Liam was asked to paint the front of the establishment at a time before the renovations were complete, he explains, "Generally, I would go on site to paint something like this, but, at the time the project was commissioned, the painted signage and woodwork were incomplete so I had to work from the client visuals coupled with what I could muster from Google Street View. In addition to the main structure, there would be a large red and white striped awning covering the chairs and tables out front, not to mention various A boards and barrels by the entrance. All these things had to be imagined in working drawings prior to any paint to be applied. We even had to discuss the people sitting out front, the chairs and tables, and the estimated width of the candy stripes on the awning once it was fitted."

Once the painting was complete, the artwork was mounted and framed, and hand-delivered by Liam.

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liam o'farrell
street scene
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