Svetlana Molodchenko creates and illustrations the first literary journal

The Household Words

Svetlana Molodchenko designs and illustrates the first edition of a journal devoted to literature.

The inaugural edition of The Household Words has been released, showcasing Svetlana's exceptional layout skills, as she takes on the roles of both designer and illustrator, responsible for the captivating header, headlines, initial letters, and intricate calligraphy.

The Household Words Publishing, an independent publisher of forgotten literature, boldly defies contemporary trends with the introduction of this exquisite illustrated literary journal. Its name draws inspiration from two esteemed literary sources: the eponymous magazine that Charles Dickens edited from 1850 to 1859 and a line from Act IV, Scene III of William Shakespeare’s Henry V.

Svetlana's exceptional draughtsmanship and keen eye for detail make the issue a decadent and beautiful masterpiece. Dedicated to nineteenth-century literature, particularly 'forgotten' works deserving wider recognition, The Household Words Journal will be published quarterly, each issue centered around a specific topic. Embracing the traditional print style reminiscent of Dickens' magazine bearing the same name, the journal will be exclusively available in print format.


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svetlana molodchenko

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