Dogs Like Us

Filled with humour, John Holder's latest book is packed with pets and their (almost) identical owners.

Dogs Like Us serves as a sequel to John's successful book, 'No Dogs on the Bed' and is an entertaining compilation of illustrations that celebrate the striking resemblances between dogs and their owners.

We consciously or unconsciously choose dogs that mirror ourselves, a phenomenon supported even by scientific experiments. For instance, it's rare to find a Hell’s Angel with a bichon frisé or a sweet little old lady with a bulldog. An academic might not opt for a boisterous border collie, just as an energetic teenager might not chose a basset hound. Our cherished dogs often mirror our preferences, akin to our choice of cars or clothing.

Quiller Publishing say of the book - In these humorous, colourful illustrations of doppelgänger dogs, artist John Holder has depicted a superb, visually entertaining collection of dogs and their owners in all their lookalike glory. A treat for dog owners everywhere.

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