Daniel Sulzberg creates Hanukkah-themed Lush packaging

Hanukkah at Lush

Daniel Sulzberg designs Hanukkah inspired packaging art for Lush's themed gift.

Lush invite their customers to celebrate the Jewish festival of Hanukkah with pre-wrapped bath treats.
With fun and lively art by Daniel; inspired by his son who imagined Hanukkah could be celebrated in outer Space, the design wraps a bath bomb and a sweet smelling shower gel - Have some fun in the tub with the limited-edition Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel Bath Bomb, a fruity-floral fizzer inspired by the traditional game. Then lather up with one of our bestselling shower gels, Honey I Washed The Kids, a sweet, caramel-scented wash that softens and hydrates as it cleanses.
See the gift here. 
This year, Hanukkah is celebrated from 7th-15th December.
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daniel sulzberg
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