Danny's engaging artworks feature on The Lancet covers

Lancet Oncology

Powerful art for a series of The Lancet medical journals is crafted by Danny Allison.

Danny's engaging artworks feature on The Lancet covers, each exploring distinct themes in medical research and treatment, specifically cancer.

The first artwork delves into the concept of group finding and research, illustrating scientists worldwide collaborating in a hive mind, utilising collective knowledge and experience. The second piece envisions a shift in the 'road map' for assessing and treating lung cancer, highlighting the future of diagnostic methods. The third artwork explores the integration of artificial intelligence and computing power to screen for bladder anomalies and potential cancer cells or genomes. In the fourth piece, Danny addresses the investigation and treatment of cancer in infant patients, combining chemotherapy and physical scanning techniques. Advancements in spine and bone marrow chemotherapy take centre stage in the fifth artwork, showcasing progress in cancer treatment, including blood transfusions. Lastly, the sixth artwork envisions the use of tablet medicine for treating breast cancer in female patients, representing the evolving landscape of cancer treatments.

Together, these artworks offer a visual narrative in a dynamic style, of the diverse and innovative avenues in contemporary medical research and care.

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