Secret 7"

An auction of bespoke 7" records to raise money for War Child features a piece by Paperface.

The Secret 7" exhibition, which opened last week, merges the worlds of music and art to support War Child.

Featuring contributions from creatives worldwide, the exhibition showcases sleeve artwork for 700 records, ranging from talented newcomers to renowned artists. Each piece is a unique collectible, appealing to avid fans, record collectors, and art enthusiasts alike.

Among the artists is Paperface, whose artwork was selected for display at London's NOW Gallery. "It was a thrill to see all 700 record covers together!" she exclaimed. As the exhibition enters its final week, Paperface encourages all to visit and bid in the auction, which concludes on Sunday, March 17th. The identities of the creators remain a mystery until the records are in the hands of their new owners.

All proceeds from the auction go directly to War Child, supporting their vital work. Be sure to explore the gallery. 

secret 7"
war child

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