Arrest All Mimics Podcast: A Career in Fashion

Ben Tallon enjoys the company of Jacqueline Bissett and Victoria Pearce in Episode 17 of the popular podcast.

Written by Ben Tallon

I wanted to draft in Jacqueline Bissett and Victoria Pearce to give me, a man preoccupied with televised wrestling, football and zombie fiction, with a very minimal understanding of the world of fashion, a valuable insight from the perspective of two people who have spent over two decades in the industry with great success.

Jacqueline Bissett is a leading fashion illustrator signed to Illustration Ltd, where Victoria is a senior agent. The two take us through an entwined journey that began when Vicky's work as a stylist and then a fashion photography agent led her to Jackie, an exciting illustrator creating striking artworks in fashion. The two found their way to Illustration Ltd where Jackie thrives and Victoria plays a key role in the agency's continued global success.

I meet the two as Jacqueline prepares to work live at the BAFTAs 2016, armed with a client list that includes Louis Vuitton, Selfridges, Kurt Geiger, Atelier Swarovski and Cartier. Where do we find today's fashion industry? How has the digital revolution influenced fashion and trends? Jacqueline and Vicky pull back the curtain on two very successful, complimentary and inspiring careers in a fast paced business that so many wish to enter.



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