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CUBE - Cheshire, UK, UK based illustrator

CUBE is an illustration collective set up by three artists who love illustration and animation. Originally working with airbrushes artists, they converted over to digital techniques. A love of all things visual led them into the world of advertising work, and they’ve never looked back.


The CUBE team met at Blackpool College of Art in the mid-90s and each has completed a five-year diploma in technical and scientific illustration.


The challenges of bringing a client’s ideas to life are what the CUBE artists are inspired by. They don’t want to overpower or inform a project – to them the client is king and realising a brief is paramount. Making something better is the goal, using their skills to enhance any project. CUBE’s tools include 3D software, Photoshop, digital painting applications, Wacom tablets and sophisticated visual effects software. When needs must, they’ll do almost anything, including piling dirt onto a scanner to capture its texture.


The CUBE style is bright, punchy and friendly. 3D illustration can be hard and masculine, but CUBE aims to tone this down and make it feel approachable. With their airbrush backgrounds, softening an image is never a problem.


Design Bridge Best Use of Illustration Dogs Bollocks Award Royal Television Society - Best Children's Programme 2009 Royal Television Society - Innovation Award 2009 Big Chip Award for Technical Innovation 2010

Client list

BBC Kelloggs Nickelodeon Adidas Disney Nestle Spotify Coca-Cola Microsoft Manchester United Football Club Pfizer Sony Bose Levi's Vauxhall
Realistic illustration of Origami Birds
Computer Generated Heart Engine for Sudler & Hennessey
Thank you, Jon and Dave, for all you hard work on this project. Everyone that has been involved in this project is very happy with the final product. Thank you for being so flexible over the last few months and for knocking this out of the park! It was a pleasure working with you and we will be in touch for future projects!
Sarah Altenburg - Art Director Upshot , Upshot Chicago
Wow, nice work!
Gigja Gunnarsdottir, Des!gn House
Thanks for a great project together – it's been a pleasure working with you again.
Heidi Evans, Des!gn House
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