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Koalanov - Philippines based illustrator

Contemporary fashion, music and lifestyles zing with style and a fresh attitude in the artwork of Koalanov, the courageous creative talent from the Philippines who’s grabbing the attention of eyeballs the world over.
Also known as Ivee Pendo, Koalanov was ‘that kid who draws a lot’ growing up. As she developed her skills, a highly distinctive digital art style emerged – one that instantly demands your attention. Her roots in ballpoint pens and coloured pencils, and her huge anime and manga influences, seamlessly blend for a look that blurs the lines between the real, the imaginary and – sometimes – the downright strange. The result is a style that’s fresh and different, highly contemporary yet grounded in hands-on creativity, conveying new levels of depth and feeling which is ideal for brands with a unique story to tell. Koalanov’s art is as unusual as it is detailed, and clients love her strikingly colourful compositions.


After nailing the concept, Koalanov thumbnails her composition until she has something that grabs the viewer in under three seconds. Then she draws, paints and colours the piece in Procreate, tweaking the brushes to achieve her unique effects.


While Koalanov’s style has clear roots in anime and manga, her individual artistic vibe comes through in the way she applies digital gouache, aquarelle, chalks and more for a fresh and contemporary look and feel.


Filipino and English

Client list

Koalanov works for clients including Universal Music, San Miguel, Karpos, Sargo, Worst Behavior and several local bands in the Philippines.

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