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Michael Frith

Michael Frith - West Sussex, UK based illustrator

Watercolour illustrator Michael Frith lives on the south coast of England, near Chichester. It’s the ideal setting for a man so passionate about sailing. He loves the sea – being on it, in it or looking at it. He also enjoys cooking for friends, and travelling to far-flung seaside locations. He’s been to the island of Bequia in the Grenadines in the past and Madagascar and Zanzibar are two longtime dream destinations.


Michael has a degree in Graphic Design and studied at both St Albans and then Canterbury College of Art.


For Michael, drawing is the scaffolding needed to construct a painting. In his work he likes to use complimentary colours and strange angles. As a watercolour painter, he also tries to push the boundaries of the medium by painting at much larger formats than most other artists.


Immediacy and freshness are strong characteristics in Michael’s work, and he tries to establish a connection with the subject that’s felt in the image. He also tries to keep it simple – one brushstroke or mark instead of many. A little brush splatter or bleed always help give his images a unique, one-off atmosphere. His portaits are much in demand, but he also does still life and nature. Not surprisingly, he creates plenty of stunning paintings of yachts.

Client list

The National Portrait Gallery The Bank Of England The Times The Sunday Times LIFFE The Masterworks Foundation in Bermuda
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