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Mike Hall

Mike Hall - Valencia, Spain based illustrator

Crowded urban scenes, architecture and maps – the things you see today in Mike Hall’s artwork go back to his creative beginnings. As a child he used to love drawing images full of people, and maps of imaginary towns and even entire countries. He says this might be because he grew up in the new town of Harlow in Essex – the modern, pre-planned, post-war setting gave him an interest in architecture, topography and mapping from an early age. Of course, he liked comics and picture books too, and today he’s also inspired by William Hogarth, Gustave Doré and Wenceslaus Hollar, as well as MacDonald Gill, an artist who embellished his map illustrations with all kinds of colourful motifs. He loves everything Hispanic, which is why he recently relocated to Spain.


Mike spent two years studying graphic design before switching to an illustration course. He completed an Illustration degree at the University of Westminster.


Often Mike’s hand-drawn imagery is embellished using a computer. He combines print designs he’s drawn using pen on paper with digital elements to build up an image. The colouring is done digitally. Sometimes, he’ll also draw his map designs using vector graphics.


Architecture usually plays a large role in Mike’s work – either as the primary focus of the illustration, or as something in the background that gives it structure. He’s very interested in topographical views, geography and conveying a sense of place. Nonetheless, his characters come through just as strongly with crowded, colourful people scenes giving you plenty to look at.


Cartoons Trust Young Cartoonist of the Year 2005

Client list

Charities Aid Foundation Dorling Kindersley Esquire Magazine (USA) The Guardian Make Architects Random House Vanity Fair (France) Which? Magazine
Paris boutiques illustrated map
Mike Hall
Street Scene | Architectural illustration
Mike Hall
San Francisco graphic map design by Mike Hall
Mike Hall
Gothic architecture pattern designs
Mike Hall
Illustration of Trafalgar Square
Mike Hall
Illustration of residential building
Mike Hall
I approached Mike to illustrate a festival map for one of RadioTimes’ independent projects: The Radio Times Festival, held at Hampton Court, London. Being the first time that RT has hosted a festival, illustrating the map was certainly one of the most challenging tasks. The stands were being moved, eliminated or added on a daily basis. But Mike showed a very professional flexibility, calmness and professionalism in working in new changes without losing his fine illustrational touch. He skillfully managed to make the map look fun, exciting and full of great festival ambience – despite the fact that every stand was plain white. He also added beautiful details of his own imagination to the map, which made it unique. Radio Times was proud to print the map 10,000 times in its brochure, as it was excellent. We look forward to working with Mike again.
Marlene Diaz Ellinghaus - Designer, Radio Times Mag
We commissioned Mike to illustrate ten of our built projects for Make’s 2013 annual publication, which is a special tenth anniversary edition. We were looking for an illustrator who could capture our buildings with a unique yet timeless style, and when we came across Mike’s London Landmarks project we thought he matched our brief perfectly. His illustrations are presented as ‘postcards’ that can be removed and used and they add a very special element to the publication. It has been a pleasure to work with him throughout the design process and we are delighted with the end result
Alice Bosc - Graphic Designer, Make Architects
Mike lead on the conceptualisation and production of the Romford Cycle Map. He proved to be the ideal illustrator to go with for the proposal. He uniquely combines being a talented and creative illustrator; possessing a keen understanding of the maps and cartography; and a can-do helpful attitude. A great person to have on your team.
Amandeep Kellay, Havering Council
We approached Mike to design some illustrations for the marketing materials for our online courses for trainee and serving teachers. We wanted something eye-catching and unique and felt that Mike’s style of illustration would fit the bill. Mike interpreted the brief extremely well and we were very pleased with the result, which captured the messages we were trying to put across.
Fiona Longmore, Hibernia College UK
Mike has worked with DK publishing on several projects (including SPY and DK Reads: Twister). He only needs skeletal briefing notes which he translates into amazing pieces of art. His work on our SPY book was so intricate with careful attention to the character's features that it dropped into the book perfectly. The perspective was so realistic yet fun, Mike has such a good interpretation and way of processing his surroundings and putting that onto paper. And on top of all this, he is one of the friendliest and easiest going artists I've ever worked with.
Hoa Luc, Dorling Kindersley
The scope of imagination and skill needed to bring this project to completion was extensive but Mike proved himself to be the ideal man for the job. It is clear that Mike has a great ability for interpreting briefs as well as an impeccable skill for keeping clients informed and involved throughout the process. This is the first project we have worked with Mike on but we will certainly be working with him again.
William Hughes - Social Media Executive, Mediarun
We loved the quick response and service from the team and both we and the client are delighted with Mike Hall’s work! We’ll definitely be back for future projects, I’m sure.
Sarah Topley - Account Director, Embrace
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