Illustration of a modern laboratory

A Modern Laboratory

The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in the USA commission Liam O'Farrell to illustrate a laboratory for their annual newsletter.

Liam's illustration needed to include plenty of equipment; showing a hi-tech, busy environment and one that also delivered a sense of humanity. "Rather than just text and figures, they wanted to develop a colourful image that best personified the organisation," he says. After delivering an accurate sketch to ensure everything was included and the client was happy, Liam worked on the painting whilst balancing the warm and cold colours, he continues " This could have been a very tricky job, had it not been for the process employed to visualise the illustration in the early stages. The developmental pencil work was crucial in communicating with the client about what the final piece would look like, and that every item needed was there not to mention the look and feel." The client was pleased with the result too, saying "Working with Liam was a great experience. He understood our project completely, was highly creative, delivered top quality work on time and was very communicative. Without hesitation, we would use him again for another project."


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