Miss Led launches a set of limited edition fine art prints combining fashion poses with provocative statements.

The six pieces are available to purchase now from Miss Led's store and will not only look great on your wall but make you think about women and the fashion industry too. Miss Led comments, "Daily, we are bombarded with images of perfect, beautiful women - I think most women will be able to identify with that feeling of inferiority and a striving to be better, thinner, prettier, sexier, curvier. Fleeting obsessions from the thigh gap to the A4 waist challenge or putting coins on your collarbone body shame women and girls across social media, and yet, we seem to have an insatiable appetite for the aesthetics of women in the public eye." The prints are illustrated by Miss Led and silkscreened in Camberwell, London and each include carefully considered embellishments. More information here.

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