Drink Baijiu

Denis Freitas designs exquisite artworks for Drink Baijiu - a traditional Chinese alcoholic drink.

Denis' inspired illustrations were based on the rich historical research of Chinese spirits conducted by Derek Sandhaus. Used on the Drink Baijiu website, Denis' art evokes the culture, the passion, the narrative and the history of the drink which comes from the Chinese Distillery Ming River. Denis says, "Baijiu is a traditional alcoholic drink from China, the evolution and enhancement of it comes from the medieval era, the website is dedicated to tell this story for the West."

From the Drink Baijui story, For thousands of years, alcohol has shaped and been shaped by Chinese culture. From humble beginnings among ancient farmers of the Central Plain to the mass mobilization of modern industry in the People’s Republic, alcohol has touched all aspects of Chinese life. It has influenced religion and art, philosophy and politics.

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