Worcester Cathedral

Liam O'Farrell paints an impressive view of Worcester Cathedral for a private client.

Liam's paintings of local architecture can always be relied on for their narrative, not only does he record the subject accurately but he endeavours to give it scale and context by including people and everyday human activities. His client wanted the view from across the river, Liam explains, "It is extremely impressive, even in modern times where we are used to skyscrapers. In rural Worcestershire in the 14th century this scene must have been unimaginably awe-inspiring, especially as it sits rather high on the bank on what must have been an ancient bluff." After initial sketches and planning, Liam took his work back to the studio to begin the final piece, he adds, "I added a few figures on the old tow path to give it a bit of scale and humanity. I just can’t imagine architecture without people," to find out more on Liam's journey to Worcester, have a read of his amusing blog.

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