The Maid

Gail Armstrong works wonders on a cover illustration for the bestselling murder mystery novel 'The Maid'.

Nita Prose’s debut novel 'The Maid' is the story of Molly, the maid who sees things others don’t.  On its publication in the UK, the heart-warming, Agatha Christie style murder mystery was instantly in the Times Bestseller's list. 

Gail's work for this commission required her to think like an architect in creating the frontage of an Art-Deco inspired 5-Star Hotel, she explains - 

"The paper sculpture door hanger on the cover features the entrance to the Regency Grand Hotel, with the full frontage of the Art-Deco-inspired 5 star hotel revealed in the book end paper. It was great fun 'playing architect', researching buildings and creating the paper sculpture hotel to be as close to Nita’s description as possible. Molly the Maid is indicated in white silhouette with minimal details so the reader can fill in the gaps with their own imagination. Likewise, the figures of the manager, nicknamed The Owl, and the doorman. In a spot illustration, the fly on the soap dish shows how things are not always as squeaky clean as they appear. The latest exciting news is that the book is now going to be made into a film with Florence Pugh taking the role of Molly."

paper sculpture
gail armstrong
book cover

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