Animated video of Débora Islas illustration techniques

Débora's Technique

Débora Islas collaborates with Domestika and shares her techniques in digital illustration.

Whilst Débora's art embraces digital techniques, it has all the qualities of handcrafted traditional illustration. This new Domestika course shows how she has combined both methods of working to create her beautiful and tactile artworks.

Domestika say, "Analogue illustration provides a multitude of approaches and styles, which can become even more interesting if complemented by the tools of digital editing. Débora Islas, designer and illustrator who has collaborated with brands such as Disney, O Boticário and Nestlé, specializes in combining these two universes. In this online course, you will learn how to create illustrations with analog and digital techniques. Aided by Deborah and based on photographic references, you'll make a pencil drawing and then add textures, effects, and colors to Photoshop.

Check out the course here.

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