Over 1.8 Million Trees!

Ten years after joining 1% for the Planet, we have an update on our small part in making a healthier and fairer planet.

To date IllustrationX have helped to plant and grow over 1,800,000 trees in Zambia and the Ethiopian Rift Valley, in conjunction with 1% For the Planet and WeForest.

Here we see 73-year-old Anna M., who lives with her two grandchildren in Lwamabwe, Mpongwe District. She is passionate about conserving the trees on her farmland. After training her in farmland use planning and ANR management as well as the basics of beekeeping, the WeForest team delivered 10 beehives and successfully installed them in her ANR plot with support from the bee mentor. 

Photo ©John Mwandwe, WeForest.

More information on our values here.

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