Oh LaLa

A 2022 calendar is created by Caribay M. Benavides for feminist magazine Oh LaLa.

The calendar was commissioned as a supplement to the magazine, which publishes stories about women, as well as articles on current issues and the universe. The theme for the project was diversity amongst women, with each artwork relating to the month in some way.

Creating twelve new illustrations which each embody colour, freedom, relationships and happiness, Caribay says, "I've already worked with “Oh Lala”, which is a national distribution magazine here in Argentina, for a few years, and when they came up with the idea of doing the calendar, I was very excited. The idea was to show women doing all kinds of activities related to the month, and here in the south (Buenos Aires) we spend Christmas in the middle of summer, so I had the opportunity to show different scenarios and seasons with the illustrations. It was a really fun project to do, and I had a lot of freedom regarding the use of color, so I was very happy".

caribay m. benavides
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