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Danvillage Art Lab!

With a mission to spread joy, whimsy, and good vibes, Daniel Sulzberg launches Danvillage Art Lab - an apparel and art brand.

Nestled in Santa Barbara, CA, Danvillage Art Lab is a vibrant oasis of creativity and positivity. An innovative apparel and art brand, spearheaded by Daniel, the brand is a celebration of joy and diversity, inspired by the eclectic essence of California living.

Drawing on his extensive background as a screenwriter, children's book author, and creative director, Daniel has curated a collection that radiates with colour and inspiration. From eco-friendly apparel that speaks volumes without uttering a word to art pieces that transform ordinary spaces into realms of whimsical wonder, Danvillage offers something for everyone.

'At Danvillage, I believe that art has the power to uplift, inspire, and unite people,' shares Daniel. ' My goal is to bring the world eclectic heroes that are diverse, colorful, positive, and bring a sense of joy so that kids and adults can wear those heroes on their clothes and feel good about being themselves.'

The launch collection boasts an array of offerings, including comfortable and stylish eco-friendly apparel, vibrant art prints, and delightful accessories. Embracing a commitment to sustainability and community, Danvillage utilises eco-conscious materials and ethical manufacturing practices. Additionally, a portion of proceeds supports art education, trauma support for families, and environmental conservation initiatives.

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