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Katharine Asher Live Event Drawing

Katharine Asher Live Event Drawing - UK based illustrator

Live events are the perfect opportunity for fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands to establish a one-to-one connection with their customers, and Katharine Asher’s sublime drawing skills provide the perfect means to achieve this. In the age of the selfie, people are irresistibly drawn to the idea of having a portrait rendered from a more personal perspective, and sitters and onlookers love seeing her beautiful portraits develop before their eyes.
Creating a unique gift for each customer to take away with them, Katharine can draw sitters wearing her client’s garments or jewellery, deepening their connection with the event and the brand. In addition to brushes and paper, she can just as easily use an iPad with the results projected onto a larger screen for a wider audience. Having kept her life drawing skills sharp throughout her career, live portraiture is second nature to Katharine and guests always feel comfortable sitting for her.


Katharine prepares for each event by gaining a thorough understanding of her client and creating a few sample images for guests to see. Just before the event, she’ll do some warm up drawings. Guests are first sketched, then Katharine paints a line portrait over a light box using Chinese dip brushes, black ink and one or two acrylic colours.


The simple, elegant style Katharine’s clients love is always present in her live event work. Paring back the detail, she only draws the most important lines to form each portrait, using her experience to say a lot with very little.

Client list

Katharine’s live drawing clients include Louis Vuitton, Swarovski, Bulgari, Richard Mille, California Wines, Chloe, Selfridges, YSL Beauty, Mishi May Couture, Scarlet Entertainment and Help the Homeless.
You have been wonderful to work with Kathy and your elegant live drawings were loved by all - including the models. Your thoughtfulness appreciated in the midst of such pressure.
Molly Mishi May, Head Designer, Molly Mish May
Thank you so much for sending our beautiful wedding portrait through, it's fab!! We’ve seen many other paintings of our guests that had portraits done on the night as well and were really impressed! We loved having you there on our special day and so many have commented as to what a lovely touch it was
Jonathan & Harley Hanson
I just received your drawings, they are wonderful thank you so much!!!! I’m really happy and proud
Nicole Boghossian, Bulgari
I hope this message finds you well and you enjoyed your stay in Switzerland! Clients and teams where delighted by your work! Thank you again for making those sessions such a success.
Lucie Bougon, Bulgari
A toast to you! A pleasure to work with both creatively and professionally
Janet Ries, Art Director, Rockport USA
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