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August Lamm

August Lamm - Pen and Ink Artist, UK

Reviving the ancient skills of etchers and engravers throughout history, August Lamm is the artist to turn to when a project needs a truly authentic look and feel. Line by line, each image August creates is hand-drawn and viewers can’t help but stare in wonder, marveling at her crosshatched shading and the sheer amount of detail in the line work.
Based in London, August studied Art History at Wesleyan University where she also worked as an art handler in the print collection. Inspired by great printmakers like Rembrandt, Durer and Goya, she learned how to make etchings and engravings, printing her own illustrations to develop her skills. Today she works in pen and ink but achieves the etched look using extremely fine line work. Clients love working with August because during her labour-intensive process she supplies regular updates, collaborating closely with them to reflect their vision.


Most of August’s images begin as ink on paper, however she will also use Adobe Illustrator to transform the work into a colourful, textured compositions.


In a world of CGI, with impossible images full of colour, intensity, movement and digital effects, August’s artwork offers a soothing haven for the mind, where the hand-drawn line reigns supreme and beautiful depth and detail are conjured through simple yet expertly executed crosshatching.

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Client list

August’s client list includes Beam Suntory, Newman’s Own, Twitter, Sakura of America, The Keg Steakhouse, and the East Hampton Star.
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