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Bonny Carrera

Bonny Carrera - Germany based illustrator

An idea in your head is something no one else can see, so allow the Berlin-based CG maestro Bonny Carrera to step forward and change all of that. Bonny specialises in turning anything you can imagine into astounding 3D artwork.
Working with a range of global brands, Bonny has years of experience producing major campaigns that speak through the sheer quality of their imagery. Clients love his conceptual approach and clever suggestions as much as they benefit from his technical skills, work ethic and punctuality. Bonny’s biggest inspiration is a blank sheet of paper, and he likes nothing more than tackling a challenging brief and filling that space with gorgeous 3D illustrations. Influences include the artists Chris Labrooy and FOREAL, the 3D plugin makers Greyscalegorilla, and Pixar Animation Studio. Interesting fact: Bonny can complete a Rubik’s Cube in under a minute.


Bonny refers to his workspace as a virtual photo studio. Cameras are replaced with an iMac Pro running Cinema 4D and Redshift to quickly and realistically visualise things that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to photograph. Photoshop is used for retouching for the perfect outcome.


From photo realism through to extreme cartoon fun, Bonny works in any style, honing the aesthetic of his illustrations to meet the needs of his client’s brief. The images he creates are often larger than life – impactful, colourful and expressive.


Bonny is fluent in German and English.

Client list

Bonny works for an array of clients including Babo Blue, Earebel, BAYER, happybrush, Jung von Matt and Venus.
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