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Corinna Ice

Corinna Ice

Corinna Ice - Children's book illustrator. China

One of China’s leading children’s book illustrators, Corinna Ice effortlessly crafts intriguing characters in a range of styles, putting them into colourful settings that perfectly fit the narrative behind what she’s depicting. Her love of exploration and experimentation means she always has fresh ideas and styles for the publishers she works with, ultimately helping to keep young readers excited and engaged.
Corinna Ice is actually a pseudonym for Xi Luo, who works with her husband Bo Wu in Chengdu, China. Since she studied painting at Sichuan Normal University, she’s been passionate about making picture books and takes inspiration from illustrated books of any type and era. She’s also influenced by the Austrian architect and artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser, due to his expressive lines and colours. Corinna’s clients love the way she thinks outside the box.


From traditional to digital and from GourdMaster Pigment Powders to watercolours, Corinna uses an array of creative techniques. She continues to study and explore different approaches to image-making in order to find new ways of expressing the stories she illustrates.


Corinna varies her style, developing new looks and ways of creating characters, but there’s always charm and a little cheekiness to her creations. Her recent pieces put a strong emphasis on line work with a gentle, feminine touch to convey the emotion of the artwork or book she’s creating.

Client list

Some of Corinna Ice’s clients include Jiangsu Children’s Publishing, 21st Century Publishing and Lele Fun Children’s Books.
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