The Hollow Woods

Published by Laurence King, Rohan Eason illustrates The Hollow Woods, a collection of myriorama cards.

Rohan was approached with the idea of reinventing the Victorian Myriorama; a group of cards illustrated with different landscape images which fit together in any combination allowing you to create your own vista in numerous combinations. The result is a collection of cards which prompt a story, an ever twisting tale that would be told by the player, and changed by the next card pulled from the pack. Rohan continues, "The back drop of the game was the Hollow Woods, an eerie but magical wood, filled with surprises new and old, characters from classic fairytales meet mythical imaginings and force the player to create new tales of adventure, in a never-ending multitude of possibility. Meanwhile the cards all fit perfectly together into one continuous landscape. In all honesty the difficulty was not to create cards that flowed seamlessly from one to the next in any order, but to create images that were intriguing and ambiguous, the illustrations had to spark an idea, but not individually tell a story. I'm really happy with the production of this publication, its a beautiful piece of product design, perfectly formed and skilfully printed, a great project to have worked on." See it here.

pen and ink
black and white
rohan eason
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