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Exquisite designs are created by Svetlana Molodchenko for one of London's finest Indian restaurants.
Sep 28
Heedayah Lockman designs and illustrates a cookbook brimming with mixed heritage recipes, offering a delightful source of culinary ideas.
Sep 27
The Eurasian Table
The Eurasian TableThe Eurasian Table
We head to Canada and chat to Alyah Holmes for our next interview with an illustrator.
Sep 27
scrapbook interviews
Alyah Holmes' SCRAPBOOK
Alyah Holmes' SCRAPBOOKAlyah Holmes' SCRAPBOOK
To celebrate International Day of Black Latin American and Caribbean Women, Lhaiza Morena illustrates the joyous book, '50 Revolutionary Black Personalities'.
Sep 26
Black Personalities
Black PersonalitiesBlack Personalities
Arrow Video ask Butcher Billy to make powerful comic art for a release of the Zé do Caixão's films.
Sep 26
Coffin Joe
Coffin JoeCoffin Joe
Ing Lee's art is used for the Companhia das Letras stand at the 21st Rio Book Biennial.
Sep 26
For the Love of Books
For the Love of BooksFor the Love of Books
Brazil's Ministry of Health celebrate 50 years of their mascot Zé Gotinha with art by Tai.
Sep 26
Zé Gotinha
Zé GotinhaZé Gotinha
If you fancy practising your spells in time for this Halloween, look no further than Hachette's 'Spellwork', fully illustrated by Lively Scout.
Sep 25
Luiza Laffitte envisions her designs complementing the aesthetics of her favourite brands.
Sep 22
Brand Focus
Brand FocusBrand Focus
Claire Rollet creates an intricately illustrated map for Edgar Suites in France's capital.
Sep 22
Parisian Suites
Parisian SuitesParisian Suites
Debs Lim collaborates with Microsoft Life to create an animated story on military veteran Jasmin.
Sep 21
Employee Stories
Employee StoriesEmployee Stories
Max Erwin creates a striking poster for the Northeast Sports Card Expo.
Sep 20
Card Show
Card ShowCard Show
A rich and lustrous festive illustration is designed by Jyotirmayee Patra for The Cosy Club.
Sep 20
The Cosy Club at Christmas
The Cosy Club at ChristmasThe Cosy Club at Christmas
Ben Tallon's Creative Condition Podcast
Sep 20
ben tallon
Creative Stories #1: Cheeky Batman
Creative Stories #1: Cheeky BatmanCreative Stories #1: Cheeky Batman
The UK cover of The Mystery Guest by Nita Prose is released, with art by Gail Armstrong.
Sep 19
The Mystery Guest
The Mystery GuestThe Mystery Guest
Stickers and gifs are designed by Epic for the sound brand's Brazilian campaign.
Sep 18
JBL Sounds
JBL SoundsJBL Sounds
Butcher Billy creates art for Llamasoft's arcade-shooter game Akka Arrh.
Sep 18
Akka Arrh
Akka ArrhAkka Arrh
An enchanting scene is illustrated by Marieke Nelissen for a Jacquie Lawson e-card.
Sep 15
The Forest Fairy
The Forest FairyThe Forest Fairy
Andressa Meissner breathes life into the characters of Natalia Caña's anticipated upcoming novel.
Sep 15
A Dish Best Served Hot
A Dish Best Served HotA Dish Best Served Hot
Katharine Asher draws at last weekend's Goodwood Revival - a wonderful celebration of the past.
Sep 15
Goodwood Revival
Goodwood RevivalGoodwood Revival
There is great progress on our ongoing mission for a healthier, fairer planet.
Sep 15
Growing Trees
Growing TreesGrowing Trees
From shortlist to final selection, Weston Wei gets good news from WIA 2023!
Sep 14
WIA Winner News
WIA Winner NewsWIA Winner News
Enya Todd works with Penguin Books to design the cover art for the UK version of "The Christmas Orphans Club."
Sep 13
A Festive Read
A Festive ReadA Festive Read
We head to Kazakhstan and talk to Veronika Kiriyenko about her career and inspirations.
Sep 13
scrapbook interviews
Veronika Kiriyenko's SCRAPBOOK
Veronika Kiriyenko's SCRAPBOOKVeronika Kiriyenko's SCRAPBOOK
The Caterer Magazine start September with a dynamic cover by Cat Sims.
Sep 11
Invasive Species
Invasive SpeciesInvasive Species
Dina Ruzha uses her map skills to create an illustration for the front cover of Dallas Observer Magazine.
Sep 8
Hidden Gems
Hidden GemsHidden Gems
Vicky Scott paints a car bonnet for the Bangers & Cash event to raise funds for a Sheffield homeless charity.
Sep 8
Bangers & Cash
Bangers & CashBangers & Cash
Ing Lee illustrates the cover of De Volta Aos Anos 90.
Sep 7
Back to the 90s
Back to the 90sBack to the 90s
Embroider the native trees of Brazil with patterns illustrated by Débora Islas.
Sep 7
Native Trees
Native TreesNative Trees
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