10 Million Trees

We’re pleased to share WeForest’s 2021 mid-year report from Zambia where they talk of the progress in their Copperbelt Forests on Farms Project.

Our partnership began in 2013 when IllustrationX decided to donate 1% of its turnover to systematic tree growing and protecting to help reverse the rate of global warming. In 2018 we passed the 1 million trees milestone and we're thrilled to have now planted 1.5 million, our target is now set firmly on growing and protecting a total of 10 million trees in Zambia and the Ethiopian Rift Valley. 

WeForest offers practicable solutions with the aim of restoring ecosystems, focusing also on long-term well being of local communities. WeForest’ s objective is to make Earth cooler and contribute to the unstoppable movement that is restoring the 350 million hectares* of additional forest needed to remain below 2°C temperature increase.

Read Zambia’s mid-year report here.

Read more on our commitment to planting 10 million trees here.

Photos ©WeForest

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