Laura Greenan and Stuart Holmes create a lively Project of Happiness animation.

Project of Happiness

The teamwork of Laura Greenan and Stuart Holmes delivers a vibrant animation for the Project of Happiness.

This project is about love and connection and is the gem of a couple who decided to embark on a journey travelling around Australia, interviewing people along the way about happiness, love and gratitude in life.

Laura and Stuart were briefed to create a motion graphic for the Project of Happiness website which greets the viewer with a psychedelic mix of colour, and shows the couple arriving in their van and chatting to people on a bright and rich street scene.

Laura explains the process, "The client wanted a sunny, vibrant Australian style street scene, with palm trees and a beach, and showcasing my colourful architecture style with lots of pattern. The client provided the main colour scheme of yellow, orange and pink, and wanted to include some Sydney specific buildings such as the Ravesis Hotel and Coogee Pavilion, which I incorporated into my design. The main animation they wanted was to show their van coming in from the side and them getting out and chatting to a few people. I liaised with Stuart about what kind of things to add or take away from the design to make the animation work from his side. I love all the little animations he did on the buildings and the beach in the foreground."

See the animation and take a look at Project of Happiness.

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street scene
laura greenan

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