Liam O'Farrell gives presentations and encourages drawing

A Master Storyteller

Liam O'Farrell delivers talks on his work and inspires others to take up drawing.

Specialising in architectural and lifestyle illustration, Liam is a remarkable artist who wields ink, watercolours, and oils with exceptional skill. His traditional painterly style can be seen in the pages of books, newspapers, magazines, and annual reports, among other mediums.

Yet, Liam's expertise extends beyond his artistic mastery. His enthusiasm for unearthing the untold aspects of a commission has lead him to delve into the history of the streets he portrays or the characters who once walked those spaces, infusing his commissions with a more expansive narrative, and one one he often shares with a touch of humour.

This profound connection to his surroundings has enabled him to tell a great story. By weaving intricate tales and deeper curiosity about his creative process, Liam not only crafts captivating narratives but also engages in discussions about his work, influences, and artistic journey, for both the inspired and the curious.

If you'd like to hear Liam share stories on his career and experiences, please get in touch.

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