Cover design for "A Dish Best Served Hot" novel

A Dish Best Served Hot

Andressa Meissner breathes life into the characters of Natalia Caña's anticipated upcoming novel.

Released next month, the book unfolds an unlikely allies' narrative, featuring an ex-soldier determined to protect his family and a passionate social justice advocate willing to go to any lengths to save her neighbourhood community centre.

Introducing the characters on the cover illustration, Andressa adds, "I had the wonderful opportunity to work on this beautiful illustration for the upcoming book by the talented Natalia Caña, set to release in October 2023. Bringing the characters of her joyful stories to life is always an amazing experience! This project is designed by the Alexandra Niit. A huge thank you for such an amazing opportunity!”

character design
book cover
andressa meissner
andressa meissner

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