Meissner's 'Spaces of Future' Tarot captivates design aficionados

Futuristic Tarot

Andressa Meissner's art for 'Spaces of the Future' Tarot is a delightful offering for interior design enthusiasts.

Guararape's creative tarot game with art direction by Fuente Studio, was created using Design Thinking techniques, beautifully artworked by Andressa.

This unique deck serves as a wellspring of inspiration for architecture and design projects, exploring a multitude of trend combinations that stimulate creative discoveries.

Each card within the deck represents a character from a prior project, identified by a key-word meant to inspire fresh ideas. It showcases how the careful selection of forms and colours has shaped a visual identity that integrates Andressa's art with the studio's overarching concept.

Every card embodies a character conveying various meanings and emotions such as "Desire," "Answers," "Solutions," "Observer," and more. The combinations of these elements serve as inspiration for problem-solving across different aspects of life and workflow. The diverse poses and symbols on each card, directed by Julia Ghun, incorporate texture, sober colours, and a clean aesthetic.

The result is a serious yet intuitive game that seeks to illuminate a brighter present and a clearer future.

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andressa meissner
andressa meissner

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