Gina Rosas Moncada encapsulates the essence of Colombian coffee farms for the rebranding of Desnudo.

The rebrand of Austin coffee hub Desnudo is a fusion of Colombian heritage, community spirit, and environmental consciousness, with Gina's art serving as the cornerstone of their new identity.

Desnudo is a popular coffee truck stationed in Austin, Texas, and was founded by two Colombian brothers. Their vision extends beyond serving coffee; it encompasses empowering Colombian farmers to cultivate coffee sustainably while nurturing their livelihoods. This ethos forms the backbone of Desnudo's philosophy, emphasising creation rather than destruction.

Gina's brief was clear; to create an illustration that not only pays homage to Colombian coffee farms but also celebrates community and nature. Employing a blend of manual and digital techniques, she hand-drew the illustration with markers, preserving the authenticity of the sketch's imperfections. The result is a piece resembling her monochromatic etchings infused with ultramarine blue and is used on packaging, web platforms, social media, and print materials. 

"This project was the perfect blend of things I love: my homeland, landscape illustration, and the color blue." says Gina.

Branding and case images by Goodside.


food and drink
hand crafted
south america
gina rosas moncada

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