Arrest All Mimics Podcast: Pricing Creativity

Ben Tallon chats to Blair Enns; author of 'Pricing Creativity'.

Written by Ben Tallon

Pricing is like a dagger made of ice for many creative professionals, sending chills down our spine, keeping us awake at night. Much industry talk of late has made it hard to ignore that independent professional visual communicators are underselling their talents and earning too little as a result. Who could blame them? There are many variables to consider, not to mention individual circumstances when it comes to putting a number to creativity.

That's where Blair Enns comes in. Blair's book, Pricing Creativity has been a success and he breaks down the topic in expert style. 

Blair explains why a conversation of value is key, why we should price the client and not the work and explains why we should never post definitive prices on our websites.

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