Driving sensors in a car illustration by Ian Naylor

Autonomous car

Medium: Digital & 3D
Client: Terra mater magazine DE

Technical illustration to show position of driving sensors in a car of the future.

About Ian
British illustrator Ian Naylor makes the impossible possible using his expert 3D rendering skills. From futuristic vehicles to incredible 3D lettering, and from cutaways of oil rigs to children’s toys that come to life, his technical skills and eye for detail mean he can visualise just about anything for his clients, and animate it too.
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Ian's latest news
Aviation Special
Aviation Special
Ian Naylor draws retro aviation themed illustrations for a special feature in The Economist.
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Illustrator Profile - Ian Naylor
Illustrator Profile - Ian Naylor
Realism, accuracy and technical competence are all hallmarks of Ian Naylor's work.
Illustrator Profile - Ian Naylor
SS Shieldhall
SS Shieldhall
Ian Naylor provides the artwork and animations for a major overhaul of the SS Shieldhall.
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