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Jonathan Allardyce

Jonathan Allardyce

Jonathan Allardyce - International Digital lifestyle illustrator. Aberdeenshire

Based in Aberdeenshire, Jonathan Allardyce is a UK artist who not only brings huge experience to each new project he tackles, but a lively style and the ability to create colorful, contemporary pieces that perfectly fit the brief in front of him. Lifestyle images are his strength, which makes him an ideal choice for magazines, newspapers, books and advertising campaigns.
Jonathan’s past experience an art director commissioning illustration means he fully understands what’s important to his clients and the processes they follow. He has a BA Hons in Illustration & Photography from the Edinburgh College of Art, along with an MDes in Illustration. Some of his influences include Vincent Van Gogh, Louise Borgeois, Hergé, Chester Brown, Daniel Clowes, Shaun Tan, Adrian Tomine and Marian Bantjes. His work has featured in American Illustration, Le Book and the AOI’s Images publication.


Drawing using his touch sensitive Wacom Cintiq display, Jonathan then colors and finishes his illustrations in Adobe Photoshop.


Jonathan creates lively, colorful, line-based artwork with a modern, accessible feel and, usually, a touch of humor. His work is clear, figurative and easy to connect with.


2009 – HOW International Design Awards – Merit 2006 – Association of Illustrators – Bronze in Advertising 2006 – GRAMIA Award in Recruitment Advertising

Client list

Jonathan’s clients include Orange, Diageo, Paramount, Time Warner, Benetton, Unilever, Virgin and Ecolab.
Illustration for the World in Your Kitchen Calendar: Mauritius
Jonathan Allardyce
Jonathan Allardyce
Movie shooting, Location with full of equipment, People in their work, Man women on a coffee table
Jonathan Allardyce
boy smoking ciggerate, hand in the screen, man sitting on couch
Jonathan Allardyce
man walking alone, person with a bag, Trees in the background
Jonathan Allardyce
Scotch whisky bottles vector - illustration by Jonathan Allardyce
Jonathan Allardyce
Yoghurt, Honey, Almonds, Health food
Jonathan Allardyce
Man with a knife, Beard person with hat
Jonathan Allardyce
Variety of dresses, Coat hanging, Man Face
Jonathan Allardyce
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