Gifs for Women's Health Mag Fun, energetic animated Lettering and Illustrations for WH Lightning Challenge 2023

About Kelli
Vibrant colours, primal forms moving to the beat and a simple word or phrase – these are all the ingredients Kelli Laderer needs to conjure up an inspiring image that’s simply bursting with positive energy. Her bold impactful designs surprise and delight viewers, making Kelli the go-to illustrator for campaigns that stand out by brands that hold nothing back.
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Kelli Laderer's SCRAPBOOK
Kelli Laderer's SCRAPBOOK
US artist Kelli Laderer shares her passions with us in this week's Interview with an Illustrator.
Kelli Laderer's SCRAPBOOK
Mardi Gras Blend
Mardi Gras Blend
Kelli Laderer illustrates the packaging for a new celebratory Folgers coffee blend.
Mardi Gras Blend
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