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Tina Mei

Tina Mei - United States based illustrator

Contemporary themes mix with vivacious colours, a touch of Art Nouveau and some Eastern mysticism in the unique artwork of New York illustrator Tina Mei. Clients like commissioning Tina because of her adaptability and efficiency, but most of all they love her creativity.
Working across editorial, advertising, branding, children’s publishing and in the beauty sector, Tina brings a whole range of influences to her work. Symbolism, storytelling and stylistic flourishes from Asian cultures join with an optimistic focus on self-love, beauty and family. She’s very versatile and enjoys the challenges of a wide range of subject matter. Alongside her illustrative skills Tina has experience working in graphic design, backed up by a BFA in Communications Design from the Pratt Institute in New York.


Before she starts a piece, Tina considers the audience, the brief and the medium. She does intensive research on the topic, then begins sketching thumbnails and collaging elements together. Her dramatic palette is both saturated and playful, intensifying the mood of each image, which is deepened through texturing. Her main tools are Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects.


Bold clean lines, strong forms and rich colours characterise Tina’s style. It feels very much like a modern form of Art Nouveau, with characters and creatures inhabiting a dreamlike interpretation of today’s world.

Client list

Tina’s clients include Encantos, MyKirei, Stress Bears, East Side Stories and more.
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